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Review of our students

Jackie Mcmillian
Jul 11, 2022

This Excel formula and function course can really take you to next level of Excel. All the examples are well explained, easy to follow. and very practical which can used in daily work. Highly recommended.

Naser Jamal
Jul 06, 2022

I started this course with 0 knowledge about the AWS ecosystem. I had purchased a book before this course, but none of it made any sense. This course helped me get a solid foundation, granted I went through the entire course at least 5 times. Along the way our application moved to another cloud platform, and eventually to AWS. When it did, I was ready. Highly recommend this course for anyone interested in getting certified or being ready to deliver when their company moves to AWS!

Roger Dibdin
Jul 12, 2022

The content of the class is good. The speed with which he goes through the examples is too fast. Constantly having to pause and rewind so I can try the commands on my learning system.

Odell Goe
Jul 27, 2022

This course is an in depth introduction to Python. I found it interesting as well as challenging. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to use Python for non-trivial purposes.

Normand Hoag
Jul 23, 2022

this course was amazing i just completed this course in 3 mouths this is amazing journey for me i have learnt many new things. many thanks to zaid and his team they helped alot. i already purchased zaid other courses as well hope so i will learn more things.

Erin Council
Jun 11, 2022

The author goes through a large chunk of what is possible in Android, and is generally very knowledgable on the subject. The course is continously being expanded, however, I would recommend even more expansions and example projects due to the steep learning curve of the powerful Android API.

Cristina Chatfield
May 03, 2022

This course has a lot of interesting, non-trivial examples using both in-built multithreading tools in go and some other techniques. Thank you for the course, really enjoyed it! This is one of the best courses I've watched.

Elke Haines
May 21, 2022

This is an amazing course. The presentation is superbly crystal clear with the exact right level of detail. It covers everything you'll need, with spot on walkthroughs. I have zero regrets in purchasing this course and highly recommend it.

Elke Haines
May 08, 2022

That's a really great place to learn data science from zero background knowledge of math or computer science. If you already know a bit of math it could be frustrating the lack of deeper analysis on those topics

Irwin Lemay
Jul 12, 2022

Following along with this course was quick and easy. I was also referring to additional materials on the web and PHP documentation to better understand some of the concepts. What makes this course great for me is that it focuses on one specific project, without trying to catch up on all the theory gaps, that I can fill in by myself from other sources. Thanks!

Lena Gonyea
Jul 29, 2022

I was a YouTuber during 2016-17 but had to give up as I had to go and work abroad and now when I started creating videos again, I thought of refreshing and updating my knowledge on YouTube by doing some course online and came across this course and it was a good experience, as my purpose of taking up this course is fulfilled and thanks to the creator.

Adrian Champagne
Jul 29, 2022

I'm excited about putting into practice what this course teaches. Interesting, informative, thorough and real-world examples and knowledge.

Naser Jamal
Jul 29, 2022

Learned a lot about digital marketing here, then in college.

Jamey Helvey
Jul 29, 2022

Just wrote exam yesterday and passed. This course did a great job with the videos, diagrams, hands on, summary section, quiz and practice tests.

May 06, 2022

There some sections where the explanation was difficult to understand but overall it was a good insight to python as a code along.

Jamal Abukou
Jul 21, 2022

Yes, this instructor is one of the very best on Udemy. Very knowledgeable, organized, and has a talent for preparing and delivering best-in-class lectures.

Gabriela Clevenger
Jul 16, 2022

Very Professional instructor, I enjoyed the course and learn a lot!

Garrett Huxley
May 14, 2022

A very complete course. It helped me to get a new job. The tips given in the section about how to write a resume and prepare for an interview were specially useful. Totally recommended!

Jed Kevin
Jun 09, 2022

It is very helpful course since it is from scratch so very helpful for beginners who want to learn Ansible from start without having any prior experience.

Angie Liew
May 23, 2022

Well-structured course, easy to understand with tons of examples and resources. Definitely a must for any beginner who wants to start learning Python.

Jamal Abukou
Nov 30, -0001

Great Free course. I will take the paid course and learn more.

Jamal Abukou
Nov 30, -0001

I learned a lot. Course is easy to understand.