Implement Leadership Authority with Power Of Discipline

Good leaders are bold, brave, inspiring, charismatic…; Self-discipline is the secret ingredient to success, Keys to Unstoppable Productivity & Success

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What will i learn?
  • • How to be a leader
  • • How to be bold
  • • How to be brave.
  • • How to be inspiring
  • • How to be charismatic
  • • Speak with the confidence and authority of a leader
  • • Why Discipline is far more superior than Motivation
  • • How to master the art of discipline to achieve unimaginable success
  • • How highly successful people develop self-discipline and utilize it to quadruple their productivity and accomplish more
  • • How discipline can strengthen your character, body, relationships, personal and professional life
  • • And much more!

Curriculum for this course
19 Lessons 01:24:55 Hours
1 Leadership Authority
10 Lessons 00:27:23 Hours
  • 1. Video 1 00:02:32
  • 2. Video 2 00:02:43
  • 3. Video 3 00:02:36
  • 4. Video 4 00:02:45
  • 5. Video 5 00:02:42
  • 6. Video 6 00:02:52
  • 7. Video 7 00:02:50
  • 8. Video 8 00:02:58
  • 9. Video 9 00:02:54
  • 10. Video 10 00:02:31
  • 11. Video1 – Introduction 00:01:47
  • 12. Video2 – Chapter 1 00:08:15
  • 13. Video3 – Chapter 2 00:09:22
  • 14. Video4 – Chapter 3 00:09:57
  • 15. Video5 – Chapter 4 00:10:11
  • 16. Video6 – Chapter 5 00:10:48
  • 17. Video7 – Chapter 6 00:06:22
  • 18. Video8 – Conclusions 00:00:50
  • 19. Bonus Lectures. Enjoy the Benefits
  • • You need an open mind and a desire to improve your life and the lives of others.
  • • Increase productivity and day to day results
  • • Ability to dream, embracing reality and determination
  • • All you need is YOU and YOU! Just have an open mind and willingness to learn and implement
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Learn How To Implement Leadership Authority with The Power Of Discipline

Good leaders are bold, brave, inspiring, charismatic…; Self-discipline is the secret ingredient to success, Keys to Unstoppable Productivity & Success


Leadership Authority

Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!

These days, it is common for most people to at some point be thrust into a leadership role. And say ‘thrust’ because most of us never asked for it and never wanted it. Leadership seems to only attract a certain type of people but unfortunately, you need to be in charge of others in many industries if you’re going to increase your salary and earn a bigger pay check. 

It’s not until you start managing others, that you reach the higher pay band and the perks that go with this. But if you’re not naturally inclined toward leadership, this can be tough going. This is precisely why we get so many unhappy managers and offices. What do you expect when the person in charge doesn’t really want to be there and just finds this whole thing very, very stressful?

When you’re put in this position, suddenly it becomes that much easier to sympathize with those poor leaders from our past and to put ourselves in their shoes. And the painful part is that all of us know what a good leader looks and sounds like (and thus how far we might be from that).

Good leaders are bold, brave, inspiring, charismatic... The question is: how can you make sure that you are more like those heroes you admire and less like those stuffy managers that you dread?


The Power Of Discipline

Self-discipline is the secret ingredient to success. Motivation drives you, but only discipline can keep you going, ensuring that you continue to work hard towards your goal, even if there are countless obstacles in your way. Having great self-discipline prevents you from being reckless and remove all impulse from your thoughts and actions. Which in turn allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

This video course will teach you how to master the art of discipline to achieve unimaginable success. You will learn strategies to implement self-discipline in your own life and enjoy incredible rewards.

With this course you will:

  • Bring your level of productivity to a new stratosphere
  • Incorporate the Power of Discipline in your daily lives
  • Become the Top Performer in your personal and professional life
  • Accomplish so much more than you ever thought possible
  • Experience exponential growth in your character values
  • Achieve ALL your dreams as quickly as possible


Here Is What's Inside The Program:

1 Leadership Authority

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.     <!--[endif]-->Video 1

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.     <!--[endif]-->Video 2

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.     <!--[endif]-->Video 3

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.     <!--[endif]-->Video 4

<!--[if !supportLists]-->5.     <!--[endif]-->Video 5

<!--[if !supportLists]-->6.     <!--[endif]-->Video 6

<!--[if !supportLists]-->7.     <!--[endif]-->Video 7

<!--[if !supportLists]-->8.     <!--[endif]-->Video 8

<!--[if !supportLists]-->9.     <!--[endif]-->Video 9

<!--[if !supportLists]-->10.  <!--[endif]-->Video 10


2 The Power Of Discipline

<!--[if !supportLists]-->11.  <!--[endif]-->Video1 – Introduction

<!--[if !supportLists]-->12.  <!--[endif]-->Video2 – Chapter 1

<!--[if !supportLists]-->13.  <!--[endif]-->Video3 – Chapter 2

<!--[if !supportLists]-->14.  <!--[endif]-->Video4 – Chapter 3

<!--[if !supportLists]-->15.  <!--[endif]-->Video5 – Chapter 4

<!--[if !supportLists]-->16.  <!--[endif]-->Video6 – Chapter 5

<!--[if !supportLists]-->17.  <!--[endif]-->Video7 – Chapter 6

<!--[if !supportLists]-->18.  <!--[endif]-->Video8 – Conclusions


3 Additional Content: Grand Finale

<!--[if !supportLists]-->19.         <!--[endif]-->Bonus Lectures. Enjoy the Benefits


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